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Vacation Pool Boy Candle

Vacation Pool Boy Candle

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Well-Tipped Pool Boy 

Description: Tall, handsome, and asked for by name, the “World-Famous” Vacation® Brand “Pool Boy” scented candle is a (strictly platonic) olfactory affair of tropical romance, unchecked fantasy, and over-attentive summer employment.

Fragrance notes: Coconut sunscreen, recently de-leafed swimming pool, resort towel, a dash of hand-me-down-cologne, desire


Conjure instantaneous luxury with the iconic Vacation® “Partial Ocean View Suite Candle.” Just one spark transforms any master bedroom into a handsomely maintained, fortieth-floor Double Queen with ensuite bathroom. Ignite and relive that just-checked-in feeling with the gentle scents of partially obstructed island breezes, crisp, cool linen sheets, and the deluxe “Botanical Fresh” of newly polished parquet floors. A portable resorts vacation for indoor enthusiasts, Vacation® Brand “Partial Ocean View Suite Candle” takes the gracious art of scented ambiance to the just-tidied height of fiscally responsible leisure.

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