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Vacation Ball Boy Scented Candle

Vacation Ball Boy Scented Candle

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Bring the tennis court indoors with the NEW Prince® x Vacation®’s Ball Boy Scented Candle.


On August 28th, 1992, Prince® and Vacation® held their 7th annual interoffice tennis championships in Miami Beach, Florida. Legend has it that on this day, Vacation® employee Brian Maurice Bell stumbled upon an idea that would make history for the Vacation® Sunscreen Corporation.

Officially appointed Ball Boy for the tournament, Bell initially fumbled many of his early retrievals. Sensing his frustration, defending Prince® champion Rhonda Schofield offered Bell her homemade string wax – an ad-hoc solution to aid Bell’s traction. Bell gladly accepted the offer and applied the string wax to his hands. And whilst his performance did not in fact improve, his career certainly did. He realized the sunscreen he’d been applying with his enwaxed hand held strong throughout the sweat-inducing gameplay – an insight that would go on to spawn Vacation® Water-Resistant Sunscreen Technology and catapult Bell into the Leisure-Enhancing Sunscreen Industry Hall of Fame.



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