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Multi-Retinol Night Emulsion

Multi-Retinol Night Emulsion

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The first truly clean, microbiome-friendly alternative for conventional retinoids. Unique combination of ENCAPSULATED RETINOL + RETINYL SUNFLOWERSEEDATE + BAKUCHIOL works synergistically to deliver a more intelligent and comprehensive way to address aging.

++ Dual Benefit: A powerful, creamy nighttime under eye treatment.

A creamy, luxe night treatment that provides a smarter, more strategic way to address and repair the declining function that is characteristic of aging skin.

Innovative formulation leverages the unique benefits of three different retinoid actives to deliver comprehensive age delay benefits gradually and effectively, without causing redness, discomfort, or irritation. This load-sharing, synergistic approach makes MULTI-RETINOL NIGHT EMULSION a much stronger all-round age delayer than simply opting for a higher percentage of retinol.

Formulated without the microbiome-damaging preservatives found in other retinol products currently on the market, MULTI-RETINOL NIGHT EMULSION incorporates everything MARIE VERONIQUE has learned about how various retinoids work to improve skin function. Fragrance and essential oil free. Ocular tested for irritation.

See the blog post for more information on MULTI-RETINOL NIGHT EMULSION, including FAQs.


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